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IEC Poly Phase Meter

Designed for residential and small commercial energy consumers, the IEC Poly Phase Meter sets new standard for revenue-grade smart energy meters. Safe, accurate, and reliable, the meter incorporates a full suite of operating features with an integrated, software-controlled disconnect switch, a comprehensive information display, and robust, bidirectional power line signaling technology.

Technical Data

  • Energy credit-based prepay functionality with configurable emergency credit
  • Supports up to 4 tariffs with remotely configurable tariff switching times
  • Optional demand metering allows billing based on maximum demand
  • Records up to 16 load profiles with configurable measuring interval
  • Power quality monitoring with temporal recording of supply failures
  • Comprehensive functions for tamper detection
  • Optional M-Bus interface for reading of up to 4 water, gas and heat meters
  • Optional MEP interface for attaching secure hardware extensions to the meter for communication with devices like in-home displays or load management modules
  • Integrated 100A Disconnect switch for customer move-in/move-out management, load limiting and pre-paid metering

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